The P-MIP GIS includes the following data:

  • Allotments and Public Land Survey
    Allotments, Sections, Townships, LUPZ Survey Control Points,PMIP Survey Control Points
  • Administrative Boundaries
    Community Boundary, District Boundary, County Boundaries
  • Irrigation - Conveyance
    Canals, Completed Reaches, Future Rehab Reaches, Major Conveyance Structures
  • Irrigation - Development
    SCIP Lands, Agricultural Development, Lateral Plan - SCIP, Lateral Plan - non SCIP
  • Groundwater
    Monitoring Wells, Wells (P-MIP Surveyed), Other Wells
  • Land Use
    Soils, Land Class, Surface Geology
  • Hydrology
    FCDMC Gages, USGS Gages, P-MIP Gages
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